How to Test Your Hardware with ClickHouse 

With this instruction you can run basic ClickHouse performance test on any server without installation of ClickHouse packages.

  1. ssh to the server and download the binary with wget:
# For amd64:
# For aarch64:
# Then do:
chmod a+x clickhouse
  1. Download benchmark files:
chmod a+x
  1. Download test data according to the Yandex.Metrica dataset instruction (“hits” table containing 100 million rows).
tar xvf hits_100m_obfuscated_v1.tar.xz -C .
mv hits_100m_obfuscated_v1/* .
  1. Run the server:
./clickhouse server
  1. Check the data: ssh to the server in another terminal
./clickhouse client --query "SELECT count() FROM hits_100m_obfuscated"
  1. Edit the, change clickhouse-client to ./clickhouse client and add --max_memory_usage 100000000000 parameter.
  1. Run the benchmark:
./ hits_100m_obfuscated
  1. Send the numbers and the info about your hardware configuration to [email protected]

All the results are published here:

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