ClickHouse Adopters 

CompanyIndustryUsecaseCluster Size(Un)Compressed Data Size*Reference
2gisMapsMonitoringTalk in Russian, July 2019
Aloha BrowserMobile AppBrowser backendSlides in Russian, May 2019
AmadeusTravelAnalyticsPress Release, April 2018
AppsflyerMobile analyticsMain productTalk in Russian, July 2019
ArenaDataData PlatformMain productSlides in Russian, December 2019
BadooDatingTimeseriesSlides in Russian, December 2019
BenocsNetwork Telemetry and AnalyticsMain ProductSlides in English, October 2017
BloombergFinance, MediaMonitoring102 serversSlides, May 2018
BloxyBlockchainAnalyticsSlides in Russian, August 2018
Dataliance for China TelecomTelecomAnalyticsSlides in Chinese, January 2018
CARTOBusiness IntelligenceGeo analyticsGeospatial processing with ClickHouse
CERNResearchExperimentPress release, April 2012
CiscoNetworkingTraffic analysisLightning talk, October 2019
Citadel SecuritiesFinanceContribution, March 2019
CitymobilTaxiAnalyticsBlog Post in Russian, March 2020
ContentSquareWeb analyticsMain productBlog post in French, November 2018
CloudflareCDNTraffic analysis36 serversBlog post, May 2017, Blog post, March 2018
CorunetAnalyticsMain productSlides in English, April 2019
CraiditX 氪信Finance AIAnalysisSlides in English, November 2019
CriteoRetailMain productSlides in English, October 2018
Deutsche BankFinanceBI AnalyticsSlides in English, October 2019
Diva-eDigital consultingMain ProductSlides in English, September 2019
ExnessTradingMetrics, LoggingTalk in Russian, May 2019
GenieeAd networkMain productBlog post in Japanese, July 2017
HUYAVideo StreamingAnalyticsSlides in Chinese, October 2018
IdealistaReal EstateAnalyticsBlog Post in English, April 2019
InfovistaNetworksAnalyticsSlides in English, October 2019
InnoGamesGamesMetrics, LoggingSlides in Russian, September 2019
IntegrosPlatform for video servicesAnalyticsSlides in Russian, May 2019
Kodiak DataCloudsMain productSlides in Engish, April 2018
KonturSoftware DevelopmentMetricsTalk in Russian, November 2018
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryResearchTraffic analysis1 server11.8 TiBSlides in English, April 2019
LifeStreetAd networkMain product75 servers (3 replicas)5.27 PiBBlog post in Russian, February 2017 Cloud SolutionsCloud servicesMain productArticle in Russian
MessageBirdTelecommunicationsStatisticsSlides in English, November 2018
MGIDAd networkWeb-analyticsBlog post in Russian, April 2020
OneAPMMonitorings and Data AnalysisMain productSlides in Chinese, October 2018
Pragma InnovationTelemetry and Big Data AnalysisMain productSlides in English, October 2018
QINGCLOUDCloud servicesMain productSlides in Chinese, October 2018
QratorDDoS protectionMain productBlog Post, March 2019
Percent 百分点AnalyticsMain ProductSlides in Chinese, June 2019
PlausibleAnalyticsMain ProductBlog post, June 2020
RamblerInternet servicesAnalyticsTalk in Russian, April 2018
TencentMessagingLoggingTalk in Chinese, November 2019
Traffic StarsAD networkSlides in Russian, May 2018
S7 AirlinesAirlinesMetrics, LoggingTalk in Russian, March 2019
SEMrushMarketingMain productSlides in Russian, August 2018
scireum GmbHe-CommerceMain productTalk in German, February 2020
SentrySoftware DevelopmentMain productBlog Post in English, May 2019
SGKGoverment Social SecurityAnalyticsSlides in English, November 2019
seo.doAnalyticsMain productSlides in English, November 2019
SinaNewsSlides in Chinese, October 2018
SMI2NewsAnalyticsBlog Post in Russian, November 2017
SplunkBusiness AnalyticsMain productSlides in English, January 2018
SpotifyMusicExperimentationSlides, July 2018
TencentBig DataData processingSlides in Chinese, October 2018
UberTaxiLoggingSlides, February 2020
VKontakteSocial NetworkStatistics, LoggingSlides in Russian, August 2018
WisebitsIT SolutionsAnalyticsSlides in Russian, May 2019
Xiaoxin TechEducationCommon purposeSlides in English, November 2019
XimalayaAudio sharingOLAPSlides in English, November 2019
Yandex CloudPublic CloudMain productTalk in Russian, December 2019
Yandex DataLensBusiness IntelligenceMain productSlides in Russian, December 2019
Yandex Markete-CommerceMetrics, LoggingTalk in Russian, January 2019
Yandex MetricaWeb analyticsMain product360 servers in one cluster, 1862 servers in one department66.41 PiB / 5.68 PiBSlides, February 2020
ЦВТSoftware DevelopmentMetrics, LoggingBlog Post, March 2019, in Russian
МКБBankWeb-system monitoringSlides in Russian, September 2019
Jinshuju 金数据BI AnalyticsMain productSlides in Chinese, October 2019
InstanaAPM PlatformMain productTwitter post
CrazypandaGamesLive session on ClickHouse meetup

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