Exactly computes the quantile of a numeric data sequence.

To get exact value, all the passed values ​​are combined into an array, which is then partially sorted. Therefore, the function consumes O(n) memory, where n is a number of values that were passed. However, for a small number of values, the function is very effective.

When using multiple quantile* functions with different levels in a query, the internal states are not combined (that is, the query works less efficiently than it could). In this case, use the quantiles function.



Alias: medianExact.


  • level — Level of quantile. Optional parameter. Constant floating-point number from 0 to 1. We recommend using a level value in the range of [0.01, 0.99]. Default value: 0.5. At level=0.5 the function calculates median.
  • expr — Expression over the column values resulting in numeric data types, Date or DateTime.

Returned value

  • Quantile of the specified level.


  • Float64 for numeric data type input.
  • Date if input values have the Date type.
  • DateTime if input values have the DateTime type.



SELECT quantileExact(number) FROM numbers(10)


│                     5 │

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