ClickHouse Cloud Service Providers 

Yandex Cloud 

Yandex Managed Service for ClickHouse provides the following key features:

  • Fully managed ZooKeeper service for ClickHouse replication
  • Multiple storage type choices
  • Replicas in different availability zones
  • Encryption and isolation
  • Automated maintenance


Altinity.Cloud is a fully managed ClickHouse-as-a-Service for the Amazon public cloud.

  • Fast deployment of ClickHouse clusters on Amazon resources
  • Easy scale-out/scale-in as well as vertical scaling of nodes
  • Isolated per-tenant VPCs with public endpoint or VPC peering
  • Configurable storage types and volume configurations
  • Cross-AZ scaling for performance and high availability
  • Built-in monitoring and SQL query editor

Alibaba Cloud 

Alibaba Cloud Managed Service for ClickHouse. China Site (will be available at the international site in May 2021). Provides the following key features:

  • Highly reliable cloud disk storage engine based on Alibaba Cloud Apsara distributed system
  • Expand capacity on-demand without manual data migration
  • Support single-node, single-replica, multi-node, and multi-replica architectures, and support hot and cold data tiering
  • Support access allow-list, one-key recovery, multi-layer network security protection, cloud disk encryption
  • Seamless integration with cloud log systems, databases, and data application tools
  • Built-in monitoring and database management platform
  • Professional database expert technical support and service

Tencent Cloud 

Tencent Managed Service for ClickHouse provides the following key features:

  • Easy to deploy and manage on Tencent Cloud
  • Highly scalable and available
  • Integrated monitor and alert service
  • High security with isolated per cluster VPCs
  • On-demand pricing with no upfront costs or long-term commitments

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